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THE DIRECTORY: Find Social Communities By Category

To: Ning Network Creators  Follow these simple steps to include your Ning Networks in the Categorized Directory listed above.
  1. JOIN the Ning Directory, the Official List of Ning Networks. Add your Ning Networks to this Official Ning Directory. Make sure your Member Name is your Ning Network Name.
  2. Within the Ning Directory, add your Ning Networks to THE LIST (Categorized Listings).
  3. Join the appropriate Categorized Groups (featured), to represent your Ning Networks.

Ning Network Creators - - Don't get left out!  By adding your Networks to the Ning Directory, your inclusions will entitle your Networks, to be included in searches, by Social Community Seekers.

What is The Directory This Network. A Directory of Social Communities powered by Ning.  A Preview of Social Communities powered by Ning, all in one place. Each Social Community contained within this Directory, has a Preview page.

What is THE LIST A Categorized List of Social Communities powered by Ning. THE LIST is contained within this Network.  Each listing contains: Network Name, Category, short description, and URL.

Who uses "The Directory and THE LIST"?  Site Visitors who are Community Seekers, searching for great Social Communities to join, and Ning Network Creators.

What do Community Seekers do with "The Directory and THE LIST"?  Search THE LIST or the Directory Preview Pages, to find their favorite Social Communities powered by Ning, some of the best and most interesting Communities that can be found online today. Community Seekers have the ability to search by Category, Site Rating, etc., within the Directory Preview Pages and THE LIST.

What do Ning Network Creators do with "The Directory and THE LIST"?  They add their Ning Networks to the Directory, by joining this Network. Their Profile Pages serve as Previews to their Networks. Additionally, they have the ability to add multiple Networks to THE LIST under one account. Keep in mind, to build a unique preview for each Ning powered Network, you need an account on this Network for each.

Plus, New Banner Ad Exchange Program for Ning Networks! Exchange Banner Ads with other Ning Network Creators.

Check out the complete Web Directory for Ning Networks

Check out the complete Ning Directory / Directory of Ning Networks!

The Directory of Ning Networks is just what the name implies, and a whole lot more. It's the Ning Directory: a List, and a Yellow Pages of Social Communities (Social Networks) powered by Ning.
If you're looking for great Online Social Communities (Social Networks), this is the right place! A place where you can find, preview and join, all kinds of great Social Communities - - from Art to Pets! The Ning Directory serves as the "Master List" of Ning Social Networks, all in one place. The Directory is the place where Ning powered Social Communities can be found, based on searches by Category, Rating and more.

Quick Steps for locating great Social Communities (Social Networks):

Communities - Click on Community Logos to Preview Networks.
Search! - Search for Communities by Category, Rating, etc...
THE LIST - Categorized List of Social Communities.
Featured Communities - Preview our Featured Communities.
  Don't miss our VIPs and Showcased Communities from the Main Menu!

Only Community Owners (Ning Network Creators) need to join this site ~ thank you.

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